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Gaming Which graphical style do you prefer


"Let's punch trees or however the knuckles break"
Vigiles Urbani
Jun 6, 2023
Trying to decide what graphics to use for Chud's Retribution.

jak rpg 1.png

jak rpg 2.png
The first one, its ugly just like the sprites
The only thing I don't like is how realistic the tiles are. The bottom looks more cartoony and fits the 'jak theme better. Which one would you rather look at for an hour?
this looks like actual penis, shoot me a dm i wanna help improve this nightmare-ish thing. Theres some oldGOD tricks you have to use to make your arr pee gees look good, otherwise your sprites just look like you ctrl+v'd them into the bg
I don't want to spend too long on this shitpost game tho.
Why the fuck does the game take place in a lushest forest anyway?
It's the suicide forest where troons go to rope and pop out of trees to kill you.
The one on the bottom is a weird case because it does look better but i'd also probably get a migraine from staring at it for too long. Either edit the sprites on the bottom or go with the top.
its not that complicated, you just have to change the sprite up a bit, and use some global filters, you can do this directly on the sprites or on your engine, idk what ur using.
What do you think should be changed?
id need to get the files for the sprites and color match them.
I can send the chud sprite sheet. The others I need to redo, because right now they are default engine sprites I copy pasted soy faces over.
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