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Where would you be if you never discovered any of these sites?


kill niggers with Christmas Spirit
I'd either be decomposing in a coffin or rotting in a mental institution if my attempt to rope failed.
Trolling americunts as a tankie
So what @BASEDcelMaXXXer420 did when he first got here?
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No glow posting
I'd go back to what I was doing beforehand. Trolling on Reddit as u/Gandhi_Boobas

did plebbit jannies find out about your trolling tropes?
An true hero takes the blackpill and continues to live life with hope in his heart regardless.
the only hope i have on this life is to buy a condo and just have enough money to live over myself alone, but even that is hard for my ass, if i don't make it by 30 i'll just either flag myself as a schizo so i get neetbuxx from the government, rope myself, [Removed by moderator]
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i would be still talking in pisscord and telegram, those two where the only things i used before finding about these kind of chuddy sites, albeit i was still a chud before that and in telegram i am still in plenty of fascist channels
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>glowposting is.... LE BAD!

nigga you haven't even got a warning from the feds and if nobody in this site actually does something of action then the glows will not give a shit about this place
It's not just about the glowies. I also don't want the site to look like some honeypot for edgeGODS and scare off people who just want to talk about vidya.