When I was a kid, adults felt so old and mature


Jun 12, 2023
When I was a kid and watched movies and shows, especially older shows, the adults felt mature, like they knew how to control themselves and were much more authoritative and knowledgeable.

But now I am an adult, and other adults, are all immature and childish in a way that isn't innocent.

Is this just my perception, or modern soyciety producing manBaBies by subjeCting all of us to a soyciety that infantilises us?

Serious hate wearer by SoyGemVault on DeviantArt
The IQ has been going down every decade and most people are treated like adult kindergartners by the US government we lack masculinity we elect intellectual Pursuits except with influence of left-wing bullshit and our country is decaying there is no solution to this we are literally living in the beginning stages of mike judge's Idiocracy.
Chemicals dumped onto our food by multi-billionaires and the loss of pursuing virtues = infantile men
You’re Morally Obligated to Do Remarkable Things. Why?Well, partly because life is so difficult and challenging that unless you give it everything you have, the chances are very high that it will embitter you. And then you'll be a force for darkness. That’s not good. Also, the fact that life is short and can be brutal can terrify you into hiding. But you can flip that on its head and understand that since you're all in, you might as well take the adventurous risks. That's a very good thing to understand.What is also useful to understand is that there isn't anything more adventurous than the truth. This is something that took me a long time to figure out. You can craft your words to get what you want.If you're attempting to say what you believe to be true and attempting to act in the manner that you think is most appropriate, that's genuinely you. If you're trying to live in the truth, you have the force of reality behind you, and that seems like a good deal. You have the reality and the adventure.So, why is that a moral obligation? Well, if you hide and you don't let what's inside of you out—and you don't bring into the world what you could bring—you become cynical and bitter. Not only will you not add to the world what you could add, but you'll start being jealous of people who are competent and doing well and work to destroy them.That's the pathway to hell.
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