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What the world has become


What is pleasure to one, is pain to another.
Jun 18, 2023
I've existed for a certain amount of time, and from what I've seen, something is seriously wrong with the world we live in, now that is not a new statement for me to make, most people and their mother knows that there is an issue on this earth, but why are we in this position. I think most here can agree that there is a reason WHY, but often what I notice from others is, they either hit the mark and are hated or they only see half of what is true, in other words, they get the idea, but the conclusion drawn from their premises leads to an inaccurate and incorrect conclusion. For example, the concept of incel if I understand it at the basic principles states that what women find attractive in the make sex is looks and height, now while that is simply synthesizing what incelodom as a whole claims, that seems to be the general idea. That is the female sex wants a certain type of man, and that if she cannot get that certain type of man, she may settle for less, though to her dismay. While women have a preference, men are thus subject to the opinion and preference of the females, so what do men do? They must in an attempt to attract a female engage in some kind of mating ritual called "the mating dance" if the male is successful at courting the woman, she will accept his advances for physical intimacy, sex, touch, and being closer in physical space (such as the bed, holding hands and the like). But there is a problem with this and I think most know that there is something wrong with the opposite sex, why do they make these demands? Why do they specifically want these requirements? Oddly enough, when I heard my aunt telling me a story about my cousin (who is a lesbian) made one odd remark in regards to relationships and that is (yes, you guessed it) his height, he could cook ramen, owned a restaurant, yet she had to mention that he was tall, what does height have to do with one's ability to do a particular thing? It is clear for example, that an atomic blast would decimate and obliterate all within its range, clearly, height does not matter in death, if I take an ak-47 and shoot a tall man, does that make him better to deflect the bullets? No! He will die all the same, and to quote the bible how dieth a wise man? Same as the fool. So again, why do these things matter so much? Something tells me, that there could be a possibility; the works of man at work, in other words, psychological warfare and eugenics, so if you get the hint, you know where this is going.

Man is not a stupid creature, he is the most cunning, ruthless, magical and majestic of all creatures to walk this earth. There is no other creature that communes with God as man can (that is not to say we do not blunder of course) for in the image of the creator; we are just like him, with imagination and intellect to see the pattern. But as always there is some man or a group of men, who have taken it to the extreme. In days long past, there was the priest class of the Egypt, Rome, and of ancient Greece, but what exactly is this priest class? I do not know; one thing I can say to this is of the following, that man has always in some way wondered as to the meaning of his existence, but once he had gotten hold of that answer, he could not share it less he risks death or usurpation. What I am saying is, what we have today in terms of the common people is somewhat new, yet not as old. To standardize, organize and war against another is common to us fellow men, though what were the men who were pondering of this realm doing? They soon discovered in my opinion the answers as to what we are here to do and even more so, gained wisdom and understanding that went beyond the understanding of the people of their time, the Egyptians discovered that there is one God and they called him Atum, the natives were in awe of creation, so they respected and worshiped it. But always there were those with black hearts wanting to control for its own sake, desired nothing more than to enslave the minds of man.

Truth may either enslave or free a man, but until he can wield this power with discipline it is a weapon that can cause more death than order.

A gun is neither good nor evil, but it is the development of the mind that decides it so.
A word is not evil, but how it is structured with other vibrations and used makes it so.
A man is neither good nor evil, but what he is taught with he will act upon.

This expresses my meaning.

So why are we in this position? I think there are men at working towards human enslavement, and their goal is to render us so ignorant, so intolerable to ourselves and others, that they will have us living in accordance with their religion. Even evil people must have a standard, even the demons they conjure up share in their attitude. What I am trying to say is, these men in order to destroy and enslave they need the help of the following things

1. Information

2. Institutions

3. Useful dupes and order followers

4. Understanding of the human mind.

If I can get you to believe in absurdities, I can get you to commit atrocities.
If you hate yourself, there is nothing I can’t get you to do.
If you desire wealth, then I will give you illusion to satisfy you.
If I can control who lives and who dies, I am God to man.

In order to create this society they desire, they require spiritual dead women who will decide for them (like farmers do) who lives and who dies, and what genes they want in the gene pool.
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But as always there is some man or a group of men, who have taken it to the extreme. In days long past, there was the priest class of the Egypt, Rome, and of ancient Greece, but what exactly is this priest class?
trannies and homosexuals who worship the divine androgyne and build dick statues according to @nagolbud
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