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What if God looked into a mirror?

What would Zey/Zem's reflection be?

How could God withstand Zey/Zem's own omnipotence and omniscience?

Wouldn't it be a case of an unstoppable force meets and unmovable object?

Would the reflection be as good as God and if it is so, then how can it be on the same level as God if is only a reflection?

If the reflection is less than God, then it implies that God is to some level impure.

Reminds me of this thread from 11 years ago

Could God create a burrito so hot that he himself could not eat it?

He doesn't exist in a metaphysical (tangible) sense. So only if the burrito had a soul and died. But he wouldn't eat a soul. Its a double-paradox.

You can not possibly say that God cannot eat things. How could he possibly bring something into existence and not be able to eat it.---PSN: andres603

Here's an extension of this argument that's overlooked by Christians. If God is all knowing and all powerful, then why would he (why is God genderized? That's another argument I won't even get into, but think about it) create people, knowing they are going to sin, and then send them to hell for all eternity for their sins. There would be no point, unless you have one sadistic puppy on your hands. But I don't know why any all-powerful being would take joy in sadism, or anything for that matter. Just relax OP and enjoy Dark Souls.

Man, you're cool and edgy, I wanna be like you when I grow up