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We are the dead


What is pleasure to one, is pain to another.
We are the dead.

We are the dead.

You are the dead.

"Here comes a candle to light you to bed."

"Here comes a chopper to chop off your head."

The life we live,
the things we've said,
the tears we cried,
in silence we die.

we can't take back what we said,
we can't take back what we did,
we can't take back what we felt,
we can't take back what we thought,
Written in the book of life of
our perpetual misery and strife.

You and I
are gonna die,
not in denial,
or in repent,
whatever we do
we've always been bled.

we walk as if alive,
but in our mind
were're dead inside,
we've given up
we lay in bed,
were're dead inside
what more need be said?

You're body is animated,
but your mine is empty,
you see,
but cannot think,
you feel,
but you cannot understand the essence,
you cry,
and you don't know WHY.

Death comes
and some wait,
we await the coming
of the human race
soon we die,
and let go of our strife.

You laugh at me,
and I laugh at you.
In pain what can I do?
I cannot smile,
I cannot cry,
in your misery
I feel alive.
I hate myself
and I hate you,
it does not matter
what I do.

Alone in my mind,
Alone in the void,
I reach out my hands
to go beyond this void,
but the cold truth is,
I like it hear.
Up is down,
left is right,
right is wrong.
All is insanity!​


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