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High-effort Users who use Anime and Foid avi are either estrogenic fags or foids.


If you've observed those chimps closely from the start. They were the one who invaded and in the first place and tried to rob their p*do bullshit onto our faces. They attention whored by spamming soft child porn on fellowcels who refused to listen to their faggot globohomo shit. While not daring to do it on their own forum or do it in a private section within their shithole. If you're reality black pilled, you would already know foids thrive on attention whoring on others and ruining men's peace with it. They love drama and attention with mayhem they cause comes along with it. This describes users who use Anime and Foid avi. They intentionally disrupted peace in .is or .club to grow their forum and continuously attacked any users that disagreed with them.

Blackpilled studies prove that foids sexual stimuli flex on role of attention.
Most of us, men, tend to gather together for our own ideas, and would only go after drama most of the time if they have attacked us first. Due to our biology, we usually aren't fan of starting big deals out of small things like "if you dont go after someone who could be your daughter age, then you're a faggot cuck!". Then proceeding to make a forum and spread drama fire.

Another study finds that fags are far more likely to be pedos.

I notice most users who use Anime and Foid avi are either undercover foids, fags in denial or bunch of retarded kids with underdeveloped sexuality. Which all of them possess annoying ultra edgy persona to satisfy their pathetic ego.

And of course, admin and jannies would be too autisitc or hooked on weed to understand and comperhend foids & fags modus operandi.

TL;DR. users who use Anime and Foid avi are all most likely to be fags or undercover foids.​
this forum did great on banning on anime, the moment its allowed anywhere the places always have a notorious decrease on post quality, be in a pisscord, a FB group, an imageboard or a forum, tranime avatarfags are worse because they are either feds or actual retards that can't do anything else but be a sissy faggot gooning to loli on 4trans and making daily "comfy" "cozy" blogpost threads FUCKING FAGGOTS BURN IN HELL
Yes and I'd like to specify that it's not that anime pfps are associated with being pedos/trannys. It's actually more than that. I would argue that having an anime pfp inherently makes you a faggot because no normal human being in their right mind gets addicted so badly to anime that they self-insert as a woman in that specific anime they are watching. As for a male avi, I would say they are probably very retarded bluepilled normie who should also rope mind you.
4chan is just as bad. They like to role play as little girls which entices other anons to do the same. It's crypto trannydom.
Posting loli reaction images is just one of the first of many steps to trooning out and eventually becoming a pedophile, which isn't really that big of an assumption to make when these are grown men who love self inserting as underage foids.