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Ropefuel transmaxxing will be norm for gen alpha

The word "transmaxxing" has been used sparingly before i popularized and more or less defined the concept.

For me it started with me thinking that having more societal polygamy would be a good thing and i was thinking of ways of dealing with excess males. This was in part due to hearing about reiko3333 who was infamous for pushing femboys/incels to start HRT (with very limited success).

Thanks to [Reiko#3333]( i was able to learn from his mistakes

1. I put effort into finding real transition outcome results (rather than anime girls) since otherwise many people will correctly think "i/you will never look like that".
2. I made [my discord]( public to avoid people lying about what happened there.

Later partly out of curiousity i suggested it to incels but i was never particularly serious with it and that never got much traction with them anyway.

Jan 12 2019: I started the [male to female transmaxxing thread]( on [my forum](

It is worth noting that when i had those earlier ideas i did not use the word "transmaxxing" for it. When i began using the word "transmaxxing" the focus was showing repressors telling themselves "it's just a fetish" that transition could actually be very much beneficial.

oct 6 2019: I created r/transmaxxing for all people looking to improve their lives transitioning from male to female.

jun 19 2020: the first transmaxxing manifesto was published

Thanks to the community i was able to significantly improve the transmaxxing manifesto and grow our discord channel. I found other people willing and able to lead this movement. During that period of several years transmaxxing had quiet growth but mostly flew under the radar.

Jan 3 2023: First clickbait article about transmaxxing was published and which ended up spreading to other publications as well, cuckservatives were hoping to use us for their culture war, didn't work so they stopped giving us attention.


I am not sure if that extra attention really helped us, i think it would have been better to stay under the radar a bit longer to be better prepared.

Early 2023: []( was created.

Apr 7 2023: [transmaxxing13]( was published which is still the latest version.

Jun 5 2023: the official [transmaxxing youtube]( channel was created and the first video uploaded, this quickly became a very collaborate effort since no singe individual could do that on his/her own.
Good post. There's also a lot of incels that troon out as well. Because of how much better women have it in the sexual market, a lot of guys realize that being a woman might just be there only way of ever having sex/a relationship,and obviously escorts won't be able to fulfill that latter want.
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