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Toilet dumps boyfriend over barbie movie

Ever wonder why anceint people never let women make critical decisions?Now you know.Knowing is half the battle.
Actually, the movie became an unintended satire of how men have less privileges than women have, and how we actually live in a covert matriarchy orchestrated by the elites. And then the director went and called men "stupid" for watching the film "wrong". I think her boyfriend actually understood the actual message, while she didn't.Even the wearing of the color pink is ironical, because before a certain movement started forming in the West, red and pink were colors of men and respectively boys. Women would predominantly wear white and blue, because those were colors that Virgin Mary would be depicted with in most of the old iconography, while Baby Jesus would be wearing red. More modern iconography now combines the color for both characters.Do some research into the symbolism of colors and you'll see how women hijacked the colors that were used by men.P.S. We need to see pictures of all three to see if this chick was really charity work.
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