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The spectrum of my emotions

Lupus Deis

it's all fake
Jul 19, 2023
1. Hatred – in severe periods of acute sense of injustice reigning in the world, I want to raise my uncertain enemies on bayonets, bringing down the entire world system without any specific orientations for future political transformations, rather releasing the unrestrained element of chaos, expressing my general dissatisfaction with the modern world.
keywords: chaos, violence, wrath.

2. Romanticism – a glimse of hope and a pure vision paint a bright picture of the future, the achievement of which requires well-defined actions in the present, structuring blind anger into concrete forms of political opportunities.
keywords: action, hope, heroism

3. Melancholy – at times when you want to throw away the rifle and take the hand of the lady of your heart, anger is replaced by mercy, opening a vision of paradise on earth now rather than in the indefinite future.
keywords: love, romance, carelessness

4. Apathy – when it becomes clear that there can be no paradise not only outside of you, but also inside you, and your spirit is finally broken
keywords: death, depression, hopelessness
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