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High-effort The Roach Infestation


Sep 21, 2023
There’s this family that has a roach problem. At first they just saw a roach occasionally, and the roaches did not really cause any problems. Then the roaches multiplied. And multiplied. But the family were too consumed with watching sportsball, doing drugs, drinking, etc. to really care.

Then the problem got to the point that it could no longer be ignored. The roaches were spreading diseases to the members of the family. The were into the food. The roaches were biting them and causing infection, etc. The family’s survival was at stake. Something had to be done.

The family called an exterminator. As he was preparing to get rid of the roaches, the family gave the exterminator some odd instructions. They did not think it was fair to kill ALL the roaches. They only wanted the BAD roaches killed.

The exterminator somehow was able to observe all the roaches and only killed the ones he saw doing bad things. There were a few who seemed to be behaving, and he let those live.

Everything got better for the family. They resumed their drinking, drugs just like before. They only occasionally saw a roach. But those few roaches that survived bred. And bred. Soon the family was again overwhelmed.

They called the exterminator. They gave him the same instructions. Which resulted in them being overwhelmed again. This cycle happened over and over again.

Finally, the exterminator gave the family an ultimatum: “Let me exterminate them all for good, or I am going to leave you to be eaten by them.”

The family is split. Some of them want the roaches gone for good, and want the exterminator to finish the job. But other members insist this in not fair and refuse to allow the exterminator to get rid of the roaches once and for all.

It is down the this: those in the family who want the family to live must deal decisively those who want to sink the family. And it does not really matter what the motives of the traitors are. If they are not dealt with, the family line will go extinct forever.

It was never about the roaches in the first place.​
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