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The reason the Germans never had a colonial empire (theory)

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They had no reliable access to celts. The British empire relied on the Scots and Irish to go on colonial expeditions for them etc. the Spanish Empire (really the Castilian empire) relied on the Basque people (celts) to be seafaring etc. The French relied on the Breton peoples etc. by the coast to help their colonial aims, the Portuguese on the celts too. Dutch had Celts in the south. The Germans however didn't have celts, neither did the Scandinavians. This is why they couldn't have empires. Celts are good at raiding and colonizing but they infight a lot so you need anglos to keep them in line (which is why the Hasburgs existed). This is the reason the Germans never had colonies.
Also Germany wasn't a country until 1871, and individual kingdoms/duchies/principalities didn't have the resources to embark on colonial conquests. They were latecomers to the game of Colony Monopoly and only managed to snag a bit of Africa and a few concession cities in China.
I guess you're right, and "Germany" lacks access to the sea too unlike the other countries. I still think having celtic people would have helped them colonize though. The colonies they did get had no lasting German impact.
The whole colonization process feels like a huge script anyway, like with everything else I would've put my hand in the ofen and keep saying my favorite word = plausibility. Considering travelling and setteling in another country that process went shit after ww1 onwards... Yeah it is a shame that germany lost's it's regions, but what you gonna do.
I know the ((((((real))))))) reason you stupid fucking gentiles we never let them (in gta)
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