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the races as insects


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Jun 11, 2023
Whites would be butterflies and honey bees, hardworking and productive pollinators of flowering plants on whom the survival of most of the natural world depends.

Juden would be mosquitos, a parasite evolved to survive solely by feeding on the blood of higher forms of life. Or maybe jews would be wasps, an invasive species that looks like the honey bee but is a useless, destructive piece of shit.

Chinks would be ants, cuz ants are basically harmless and ok in their natural habitat outdoors, problem is they like to go seeking food in places where they're not wanted.

Negros would be termites. Ok in their natural habitats of woodland, a pest in civilised areas that would collapse a house from within if left unexterminated.

i cant think of more examples for this shitpost jfl
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Jews would be cockroaches, always hiding from everyone and doing their shady stuff in the dark when we cannot see them.

They're also very good at sneaking wherever they want and once they've built their nest it's impossible to get rid of them. Not to mention they also spread diseases.

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