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Serious The Jews and Their Fakeness Unmasked


It doesn't matter if lots of Jews Divide
outside Israel "hate Israel" because of the following reasons;

1. The Jews who "hate" Israel typically love multiculturalism and relentlessly push it.
2. The Jews who "hate" Zionism repeatedly pushed feminism
3. The Jews who are allegedly "our" goyim friends push gay rights and now gay adoption.

All of these issues have been and will be incredibly damaging to the goyim. The "friendly" Jews are ultimately responsible for the breakdown of society...even if they are genuinely "anti Israel" they have worked on Israel and zionisms behalf by destroying the goyim countries.

Remember who pushes for refugees to be continually flooded into European Union also…always Jews.

Yet you never hear these "friendly" Jews loudly using their own MSM to tell Israel (syrias bloody neighbour in the region) to take these refugees.nope. The liberal "friendly" "anti Israeli" Jews never fucking say that do they.