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High-effort The Illusion of Confidence;How Men Stay Bluepilled


Imagine this.

Let's say two men hit on a group of woman. For the most part, these men are the same. same mannerisms, same "personality", and the same level of "confidence". These men, however, have one fatal difference between them. The first man is a 3/10, and the first man is an 8/10. These men make the same efforts to hit on these women, and try just as hard to get their number. However, despite their similarities, the first man embarrasses himself, while the second man gets all of their numbers. Why is this? Well, that's where the bluepill comes in. both of these men are bluepilled cucks. Due to them being bluepilled(a way to cope with/deny reality), and not blackpilled(seeing reality for the way that it is), they think that it's all down to their confidence.This is where the illusion of confidence comes in. The 3/10 will think that his romantic misfortunes are due to some kind of lack of confidence, while the 8/10 will believe that his romantic successes are due to the confidence that he displays.

Of course with the blackpill, with reality, the truth is that the difference between these two men's romantic endevours are both purely because of their looks. Despite the 3/10 being just as confident as the 8/10, he completely failed. Not due to a lack of anything except for looks. The only reason the 8/10 succeeded at all in terms of relationships was because of his looks, and nothing else. With how much the bluepill is hammered into the brains of every man in the modern age, most men are unable to grasp this simple truth. Even when directly faced with these truths, they cope."I need to be more confident". "It just has to do with my personality". Since the 8/10 thinks his successful romantic endevours are due to his personality/confidence, he thinks this applies to all others."If it worked for me, it can work for you"."You just need to be more confident/change your personality". The blue pill has given these two men a full "illusion of confidence". This is so they can believe that they have more than just looks that ensure their success/failure, and to deny the reality that most people(especially women) are extremely shallow.

This is how the "illusion of confidence" is established.
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