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The curse of Haruhi


Jun 12, 2023
What started off as an imaginative character in the mind of a Chinese pedophile, ''Haruhi Suzumiya'' was nothing more than an idea.

But then on a solar eclipse in the year 69 AD, the Chinese bugman pedophile decided to bring his fantasy waifu into reality, and decided to bring Haruhi into being through his own body.

The bugman pedo used his body to serve as a medium that connected our reality to the Chinese cartoon realm, and using all of his will and ancient Chinese wisdom, which he learned from the book ''The Five BBC Rings of the 1st Dynasty'' , Haruhi Suzumiya was conjured into existence.


Haruhi was born from the pen of a Chinese cartoonist, and was blessed by Baal the gift of autismo maximus.

Tyranny and joy was around the corner.

Haruhi's creator's work wasn't done tho, for he had much more waifus he needed to conjure up for his sex ring, and his new creation, ''Haruhi'', was the perfect instrument to help aid this plan.

Haruhi's creator - ''I will enslave all of humanity and force them to make me chinese waifus for me who will spread their sweaty asshole for me muh ha ha!!''

Haruhi - ''But what about all the neets spread across the universe, they refuse to work, and that means they won't work for you''

Haruhi's creator - ''Hmm, their betrayal will be dealt with; you shall inherit the title of a ''neet'' and entrap them on a ''neet'' forum.
You will entice them to join and stay by acting like a sweet anime girl with the promise of letting the users peg you, then you will spread homosexuality, and ban users when they give into their hidden faggot desires, and when they are banned, they will be forced out of neetdom into wagecuckery for me mhwahhahah''

Haruhi - ''Yes, my @

Haruhi went forth and joined the neet forum which was filled with innocent, unsuspecting little Tyrones unaware of the demon that lingered above was soon to terrorize them.

However, on the 20th day of September, 2021 AD, the Angel of Love, sent down the Clown, the autistic wigger, Honkler, to join the neet forum during the height of Haruhi's rule, and the users were unsure and put off by this strange new nigga.

Neetgod - ''who is this nigga''
Kevin Logan
@Kevin Logan - ''You mean that clown the honkler''
THE TRUE HONKLER- ''yeah you say it boy, honkler, thats the word!''

Haruhi overheard the word ''honkler'', and like a vampire in reacting to a cross, haruhi shuddered, for she had met her bane, the name to her pain, the TRUE HONKLER, but thats not to say she didn't cream herself.

And that was the curse of Haruhi for years to come...

She couldn't let the honkler get in the way of serving her @
I got traumatized with the spam.of cuckhold fantasie in that the newfags did it. 12 cuckhold fantasies in the spam of just 1 day breaks a man
Well I did say 3x a day max per user and it's not like anyone else is writing them. Plus you know Haruhi is reading these threads rn.
Forums now have to set a certain limit per day for cuckold fantasies to contain the users twisted homosexuality.
Incelsphere has fallen.
I'll be honest. Once we release this forum to the public I may axe cuck fantasies. We already have .net + .is to post em in, and this forum shouldn't just be a carbon copy or a 2.
They post cuck fantasies on .is as well? Damn neetgod has inspired so many aspiring writers.
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