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Ropefuel The YouTube channel has been terminated


"Let's punch trees or however the knuckles break"
Vigiles Urbani
Jun 6, 2023
RIP to my 250 subscriber channel. They didn't even give me a warning or anything just "you have repeatedly violated our policies, goodbye." Thank god the sharty archives posted the game trailer on their channel or our legacy would be lost forever.
It's cocover
Meanwhile people shill Wheat Waffles's videos and ragefuel roastie vlogs but nothing happens to those channels. Just like the most popular "Nazi" song on Jewtube is the one written by Hollywood Jews.
Fake fringe song by (((them))), composed by two kikes for a kike movie, with lyrics allegedly inspired by a poem by the kike Heinrich Heine, shilled all over jewtube despite being copyrighted:

"Tomorrow belongs to me" from the (((Oscar-winning film))) Cabaret (1972)

Real NSDAP songs by Deutschvolk, constantly baleeted from jewtube despite being out of copyright and fair use:

Horst-Wessel-Lied (Die Fahn Hoch)

Teufelslied SS marschiert im Feindesland


Am Adolf Hitler Platz
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