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the 1st cuck fantasy thread of


Jun 12, 2023
After Haruhi got arrested for sexually abusing users and keeping them shackled in a dog cage, Haruhi is brought into police custody for questioning.

As he was escorted by the po po, the crowd cheered as justice and karma was finally served

While Haruhi sits in his cell, admiring the BBC nigger thugs, the police are searching the basement where the users was held hostage for clues, where they discover a pokeball themed ball gag, a dragon dildo, and a pen and paper to write down the experience, with a poster on the wall with an lgbt flag beside it.

(cut back to cell, where haruhi is now getting questioned)

Questioner: so, we went through your flip phone and found much gay porn and we also found you moderate on a male only forum.
Haruhi: its 2023 being gay isnt a crime bitch
Questioner: this is Qatar sir
Haruhi: its ma'am
Questioner: ok ma'am, but is it true you moderate on a male only forum
Haruhi: yes
Questioner: and its true you tried to rape the leader of this forum
Haruhi: i like bbc and spic twinks
Questioner: hmm, so you joined a male only forum in order to get closer to your victims and live out youre gay fantasy by being around other men
Haruhi: no, i am mod on the forum, its my job, its my greed and passion!
Questioner: interesting you say you are a mod, because this fine young man amongst many others, said you abused your mod privileges to prey on unsuspecting victims
Haruhi: thats not true!

Questioner: you entrap users by larping has an unsuspecting chinese girl and ban them, and while they are caged you enact your fantasies on them, and this irl kidnapping of this ape called @Master only confirms this, I suppose sexually abusing people online wasnt good enough eh?

Haruhi was facing a rape and bestiality charge for trying to rape master, plus pedophilia for attempted rape of the underage spic mod IGiveUp

Haruhi: but you have no proof!, wait till i get my jewish lawyer envolved
Questioner: you said here you only converse ''man to man'' in dms, and that you made someones butt ''sore''

Haruhi: you miss understand!
Questioner: lets take this in private, man to man hehe
Haruhi: you mean this interview wasnt private?!
Questioner: it is being logged for all of your boyfriends and victims on '''' to see
Haruhi: no, lets not do it in public for drama seeking retards delight!
Questioner: I've worked plenty of contentious issues with criminals out this way he he
Haruhi: how many blowjobs will it take it to prove my innocence?
Questioner: i dont have a penis, your dog bit it off
Haruhi mutters to himself: ''whats that mutt brotha of mine Atila been up to lately ffs''
Questioner: you can still lick my asshole tho for a reduced sentance
Haruhi: Uwu

Haruhi fate was now sealed...
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