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Anime & Manga Suicide Squad anime trailer just dropped

>make a suicide squad anime
>its a fucking isekai
Was gonna shit on it but it actually looks pretty good. Isekai is my favorite genre. The Joker looks badass. Harley as hot as ever although that character always bored me, doesn't offer anything other than being hot. And I can just watch hentai for that.
The biggest surprise isn't that it's anime, but that they made a female that isn't an overweight lard of flesh.
I've noticed how there's been an influx of western properties being handled by japs over the past few years or so, which is ironic considering that now westerners have become gaijin to their own works.
Yes, I remember that the japs made a ironman, xmen, Wolverine and a avengers anime. I also heard that they made a batman manga.