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Stupid bitch mother ruined my Armani t-shirt

When I was 16, I was wearing Hugo boss attire such as Hugo boss cardigans.

It had a blue colour inside the collar, and had a blue horizontal line across the chest area.

The cardigan was black

Anyway, to further fill up my wardrobe, I bought an Armani T-shirt, with raised lettering that read ''Armani'', but my bitch mother ruined it within 3 days after putting in the wash on the wrong settings.

The shirt was ruined and the letters were coming off.

All she had to say was ''it was poorly made'' and ''i didnt do nothing wrong'' blah blah

This was around Christmas time, so I knocked the Christmas tree over, destroyed the decorations and trashed all of her food she put in the fridge

Needless to say I gave up fashionmaxxing