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Gaming Strategy games mega thread


Resident asshole - Lebe Deine Leben Trotz Anderer
Sep 1, 2023
Probably needs no introduction but list some current favorites. I got these two recently


this one is something I’ve played quite a bit. Ignore the furry aesthetic, its actually a good Cold War clandestine operations game

Only ever tried Civ5 and a MMO called Grepolis. These games can suck you in for thousands of hours.
when i wasn't a sanctioned phonecvck i played this 90's civilization-style game called freeciv and if any of you niggas have played civ games before then you should know how it goes
this is me in Civ 4, going for an economy-rich isolationist campaign. I'm playing as Great Britain.


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as opposed to Civ 5, where my map is the enemy and the units are too cloistered together. I am also playing as Great Britain in this one as well.



I can't even make any deals with Genghis Khan. I need to start over.

I own it but it probably runs like ass on my GeForce laptop. I also just have it vanilla with no DLC. does it play well without it?
I don't own it because I don't like the art style they chose for it. But when I was researching the game some time back I read from others that the DLC is worth getting but isn't essential.
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