Stormcloaks vs. Imperials vs. Thalmor

Which one do you support and why?

You'd think most chuddies would support the Stormcloaks, but a lot insist that the Imperials are actually the only logical choice. A few have told me that they support the Thalmor, as the Altmer genuinely are the superior race of tamriel. I love TES because it's a great way for me to vent my real life racist tendencies among normies without revealing my racism.

Anyways, I support the stormcloaks for the following reasons:
1) Men are better than Mer from a spiritual point of view. The only reason Mer have these special ablities is because they have not devoted themselves so much to mundus. I don't support the gnostic tendencies of the Mer, but I don't mind groups like the Psijics. But Men have a superior belief system which is life-affirming while also embracing the broader cosmology of the Mer. The Nords, of course, are the greatest of men, because they are the last arrivals from Atmora, they never abandoned Lorkhanism, and they have the power of the Thu'um (fuck the Greybeards)

2) The Empire is useless because it is rotten to the core with Altmer bureaucrats. Even if generals want to counterattack the Thalmor, there's no real evidence they could do it. Of course they'll say they can. And if the Empire wants this so bad why don't they just let Skyrim free in return for a joint attack against the Thalmor? Tiber Septim himself said in Morrowind that the Empire was getting old and it ws time for a new empire. Obviously the Dovahkiin should usurp the throne and become the next Emperor of Tamriel, under Nordic rule. It would be very difficult for the Thalmor to attack Tamriel without attacking the Empire first as they'd have to send their navy around Tamriel, and they already proved to not be so invincible against the Nig-guards.

what do you guys think.
I never finished Skyrim but I joined the Stormcloaks right away. Everyone else was either a furry or a retard so of course I'm siding with the Nationalist state.

"Skyrim is for the Nords"
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