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TV & Music Some rap texts I just wrote

TylER Durden

Truecel fatcel
All we wanted was to be loved and respected
No one gave us what we rightly deserved
We got despised for many bullshit reasons
And now they all fear potential incel arsons
Women and normies hate us for nothing
Now, we all hate you because that's how it's working
My fate and my future are both becoming black
Wait, hate someone and he'll hate you back?
Wow, that's something no one expected
Rebelling are the ones who haven't copulated
We've been seeing crazy shit these days
Half of people will soon be troons or gays
Whites getting blacked, the rest chadcocked
Amassing orbiters and teasing simps on discord
Exposing their sky high bodycount on tiktok
Nah bitch you ain't worthy of my virgin cock
My dignity's priceless, your pussy's worthless
They've got no shame going outside topless
But we're supposed to be the sick ones, top kek
Even drugs aren't this bad, m'kay?

Where is this world going except to a crash?
There's nothing to save from this big bowl of trash
We have nothing to lose neither, time to act
The clock's ticking, and now, we're waiting
Waiting for the right moment to go and start
Some day it will happen, the great happening
The time to strike back will soon be coming
Beta uprising bros, kommando in the making
Hard times coming, but no time for division
Same struggles and same goal for incel revolution

I wanted to write some new rap texts, it's been a while since I last did it. And being in my bed in the dark, all alone at 1:30 AM seemed like the ideal moment to do it. Luckily, my brain worked well and I found some inspiration to do some cool texts. Now, I'll go to sleep.

They're not the best I've written, but they're still decent imo.
Do you find them high iq or just retarded?