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Some low inhib guy browsed Shadman in my class


kill niggers with Christmas Spirit
While the teacher was lecturing about virtual machines or some tech shit not entirely on my mind right now, this guy next to me was browsing some bizarre comic on his phone which had some pregnant looking bitch front and center. Only reason i assumed it might be Shadman is because the artstyle looked eerily familiar in terms of the eyes and line art. He seemed pretty damn interested in it considering he was zooming in on her and kept going back and forth between the pages so this probably wasn't just some random meme that showed up on his feed to scroll past like on whatever social media normalfags tend to use. Only i can dream of being as low inhib as that bastard :fuckingshit:
his latter style deviated to scat and unusual kinks, kind of shameful since he had potential

Kind of off topic but him alongside other reasons is why I am into voyeurism porn
Holy mother of God I’m scarred.

I’d prefer we don’t post gooning material though.
Remember that Pornography is a tool the elites use to keep you docile and less aggressive. You are not certified to speak on this topic if you're not an ex-gooner like me (started watching porn at 5, dropped at 22 but still get urges). After dropping it I got such a huge boost in every aspect of life it's unironically crazy. This shit destroys the psyche.