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Nature Always Finds A Way

One of the best movies ever made that hardly any one knows about it.

It is a low budget britbong movie that takes place in a bostal (young person prison/ home basically)

Its a movie that reeks of testosterone and is about high T teenage thugs that are imprisoned in this bostal (bostals no longer exist cos of they cruelty), and are used and abused by this power hungry and corrupt correctional officers.

I recommend this movie; its violent scenes are perfectly shot, and there is nothing cucked about it; it is gritty and brutal.

The movie has scenes of these two older boys raping a younger boy (the scene is hardly censored and the audio is brutal).

Two scenes of suicide (one where the black kid chimps out and stabs his wrists, and another scene where the kid who got raped slit his wrists in bed, just before rejecting it as he presses the call button on his wall as he bleeds out, which the staff neglect)

Riot scene after the kid kills himself

Group session therapy scenes

Scenes with this intellectual smartass kid called archer who has high IQ discussions

the acting is also top notch
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