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Ropefuel schizo rant

Lupus Deis

it's all fake
Jul 19, 2023
(I use yandex translator)

after I lurking for a month on this forum, I felt a strong attachment with you, but at the same time, an unprecedented alienation, the details of which I will reveal further

I am a Russo-Ukrainian incel, but, unlike you golems, I know much more deeply about the problems of the modern world, the details of which I do not see any point in disclosing, because it would be equivalent to explaining what green is to a blind person, but it makes sense to discuss some points:
My strength and weakness at the same time lies in the fact that I have schizophrenia, and this circumstance boils down to the fact that I see much deeper than other people, but at the same time, my diagnosis imposes restrictions on the ability of other people to perceive me differently than a madman.
The fact is that I have a phenomenal ability to recognize patterns, and on my way to realizing the futility of being, I have gone through three stages:
At first I registered on Gab, and I thought that I had opened the last place on the Internet, but I left after the site was flooded with pro-Putin morons and ziggers, and after I found out that the so-called "traditionalists" are sometimes more gynocentric than feminists, and I realized that feminism and traditionalism – two sides of the same gynocentric coin.
Then I registered for and I thought I had opened the last place on the Internet, but I left after 2 weeks because of a disproportionately large number of stupid minorities and anti-white hatred.
Then I came across, and I thought that I had discovered the last place on the Internet, but as I watched the flora and fauna of this place, I came to a sad realization:
even enlightened people do not understand what the underlying problem of our world is, and I realized that I I was left completely alone.
I've had nightmares since childhood, the plot of which was ignorance:
I saw a little boy (me?) running down the street, crying and asking for help from passers-by, but everyone was refused, but this was not an ordinary refusal: it was a refusal, coupled, in turn, with a refusal to take all the seriousness of the situation.
people turned away, mumbled something and continued to move about their business, completely ignoring the tears of the boy appearing on his snow-white cheeks.
It was as if they were deaf, blind and completely unaware of what was happening around them (as Heraclitus said: being present, they are absent).
How can they not see? why?
And the most terrible thing is that their ignorance was completely distinct, almost tangible, as if they were... robots. not human beings.
And then I realized that more than anything else in the world I am afraid of mechanized behavior; certainty instills in me an unprecedented horror – and this is what I see around me every day. People don't just give a fuck: they don't even see what's worth ignoring.
If they don't see the problem, then they are not able to fix it.
in this regard, I do not stop remembering the quote of Heraclitus: "The awake have one, common world, and the sleepers turn away each to their own"
I am destined to live in this hell completely alone

I have no mouth and I must scream​

unlike you golems
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