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Rules & FAQ

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Jun 6, 2023
Welcome to Chuds!

This is a male-only community dedicated to discussing politically incorrect topics. As well as saving and discussing information and media deleted from the mainstream internet.

Who is allowed?

Straight men who are not degenerate. We do not allow users who are:

- Women
- Pedophiles
- Feminists
- Under 18 years of age


Do not:

  • Have an avatar of a female. This includes 2D.
  • Post private information of other users (Doxing others is prohibited).
  • Spam. If you're frequently posting nothing but one-liners and not engaging in discussions you will be warned. This extends to meta posting.
  • Advertise.
  • Post illegal content or encourage anyone to commit illegal acts of any kind (If in doubt, refer to USA laws).
  • Create more than one account or share your account.
  • Sexualize minors in any shape or form or post explicit content of anyone under the age of 18. (Do not post explicit lolicon content either).
  • Post files that contain pirated content.
  • Post gore or porn without a spoiler tag. Creating threads dedicated to such subject matter is not allowed.

Common Questions

Can I post without an account?

Yes. Click here for more details

Can I edit/delete my posts and threads?
You can't delete your threads but you can edit them within 45 minutes after posting.
You can edit/delete your posts up to 45 minutes after posting.
You can always ask a moderator to remove content if you need something removed.

Can I change my username?
If you have a good reason to then contact me.

This user makes me seethe. How do I hide his posts?
You can ignore users with the "ignore user" button under their profile so their content won't appear in your feed.

Why are my posts awaiting approval? And why can't I upload attachments?
This is to discourage trolls and spammers. Once you make some posts and contribute your restrictions will lift.

How can I change the forum theme?
Refer to this thread.

How do I enable user signatures?

Go to your account and click on "preferences." Then, under content options you can check or uncheck "Show people's signatures with their messages."

Can I delete my account?
No. We also can't delete all of your posts but we can delete any content that comprises your privacy. Just report anything you have posted that you'd like deleted or send me the link(s) in a message.

If you have any additional questions feel free to reach out to me.
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