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TV & Music Robots (2005) Is An Aryan Masterpiece


cut niggers in half with chainsaws
Robots (2005) is the perfect theatrical interpretation of the struggle of the modern white man. (Read all of this in William Luther Pierce's voice).

It starts off in a time before our main character, Herb Copperbottom and his wife Lydia decide to bring a robot child into the world. A husband, wife, and child, the atomic family. Times are good in the past, as life is easy as the comforts that allow them to have such a child are given to them by the system which is ruled by whites. Once the main character, Rodney Copperbottom, is born he is already seen to have the Aryan trait of creativity and invention, testing his mind to it's full capabilities to innovate and create. He watches the TV and sees his hero, another innovative white man (in this case, robot) named Bigweld, whom he draws great inspiration from. Rodney sees on the TV a beautiful art deco city and wishes to visit it once he gets older so that he may present his inventions to the world and better it for the people.
As the movie progresses, we are shown that the Copperbottoms are struggling financially. For whatever reason, the good times of the past have seem to have dried up somehow, the cause of this is later revealed. It is shown that Herb is forced to work a dead end dish washing job for a boss that has some clear chosen blood within him. Rodney on the other hand, with his bright Aryan spirit, blissfully and ignorantly only sees the good in the situation and brings his invention that he spent the majority of his childhood perfecting and building to help his aging father out with his work. It does the job flawlessly, until of course the dark jewish energy germinating from the large nosed boss of Herb enters the room, and causes the bot to fail. This is important because it is the first time evil semitic influence has directly affected Rodney, and won't be the last.
Soon after this incident, Rodney decides to make leave for Robot City, to chase his dreams and ambitions. He eventually makes it to the Bigweld tower, the exact place where he saw his hero, Bigweld, accepting all bright minds to present their ideas to better the world. But to Rodney's dismay, the door is slammed shut and he is barred from entry. The once welcoming doors of Bigweld tower now shutting out inspired Aryan minds does not waver Rodney's spirit. We are then shown the top of the tower. Where once the great Bigweld sat, now sits Ratchet. Ratchet may first appear as white business man, but under that metal is a hebrew visage. The brown mulatto eyes, piercing the viewer with evil greed as he explains his hand rubbing scheme to the rest of his shabbos goyim in the big room to rid out the working class white man by literally replacing them. The shabbos goyim, doing what good goyim do, clap in enthusiasm, besides one. Cappy, a blue eyed white woman, questions Ratchet's obviously malicious plan. Rodney enters the tower room with his little invention but is unable to find Bigweld as he is not there and presents it to Ratchet instead, who of course, seeing such Aryan ingenuity, is disgusted.
After being kicked out of the tower, Rodney comes across a band of struggling white folk. Unable to live within the atomic family due to the modern economy not capable to support such a perfect family unit, are forced to live in a cramped hotel. One of them being Fender, who was injured by the deteriorating infrastructure of the Robot City is repaired by Rodney. This in turn brings hundreds of struggling white men and women that are unable to exist due to Ratchet's jewish influence over the city. We are then shown Madame Gasket, a hideous rabbi and mother of Ratchet that employs hundreds of brownoid subrobots to do the dirty work of melting down and replacing old bots.
Cappy eventually realizes the evil of her jewish masters and joins the side of Rodney to assist him in finding Bigweld. They eventually find Bigweld and see the husk of a once great man. Completely blackpilled, he believes the white race is doomed and that the jews have won. Instead of doing something about it, he allowed Ratchet to take over his business, and thus the city. Standing by sulking in his own failure. He tries to convince Rodney that it's over and there's nothing Aryans like him or Rodney can do, but due to the indomitable Aryan spirit within Rodney, this does not stop him. Though as if touched by the same spirit, Bigweld joins Rodney and confronts Ratchet face to face. Like the jewish rat coward he is, Ratchet pleads with Bigweld. Due to the white man's ability of compassion, Bigweld let's his guard down for just a second to hear Ratchet's plea, and then is attacked and knocked out by the jewish rat. Ratchet calls upon the law enforcement of Robot City to deal with the bad goyim, and to take them away to execution.
After a small skirmish, the group realizes the only way to defeat the jewish menace is to arm themselves and strike back. In a final confrontation, a small group of Aryan warriors fight against a brown horde of niggers at the beck and call of their jewish masters. This small band of rebellious white folk inspires the entire Aryan population to join them in the fight against the swarm of niggers upon them. No doubt a 1:1 representation of a race war. Complete and total nigger annihilation ensues. The kike Gasket is literally put into an oven and her diabolic son is strung up. The Aryans cement their victory and the status quo is restored as they celebrate in a joyous fashion.

TL;DR Robots is basically the Turner Diaries for children in movie form.
This is a semi-shitpost semi-seriouspost and kind of the first long form discussion of a movie I've done so my apologies if it's a bit incoherent. I recently rewatched this movie after not seeing it since I was a child and was realizing all of this while watching it from an adult chud perspective. I highly recommend this movie, and if you think you're too old to watch it, show it to some of the younger white generation so that they too may be inspired by it like I was.

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