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Restrict The Sandnigger and Their Wannabe Because They Are Nation Destroyer


Sep 21, 2023
the fact that people will just commit suicide because they are overworked ?
That's due to Japanese work culture(which even I will admit is a bit much), but there is another flaw I forgot about. Japanese women(as well as a lot of Asian women as general) are sluts for BWC, and have become less attracted to their men, seeing them as effeminate and lame(see hikikomoris).

There's only three negatives I can think of when it comes to Japan, that being:
1:The weirdly large amount of homosexuals
2:A lack of conservative societal values
3:A lack of pronatal policies
These three things all contribute to Japan's worsening birth rates.

You forgot their terrible justice system where they have a 99% conviction rate.
How is a justice system where people who commit crimes are almost always convicted bad?
It's not but the way they go about it is wrong. Like being denied bail is a common occurrence, as well as receiving harsh treatment in order to obtain confessions and the inability to see friends or family. It's why it has a reputation of being called the “hostage justice system”. Often times innocent people confess to crimes just to get out of the harsh treatment pre-trial.
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