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Nature Always Finds A Way
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Caught in 4k. Typical fag listening to tranny Amouranth ASMR, muting me on a Chud forum. What an Anti-ChudStar. Meanwhile he's searching for jobs ignoring the one dude that could give him 15 years of advice in business for free. Double Anti-ChudStar. Total Chud-Normie.

Highest rated Chud in only one week and you mute me. How Agora Road of you.
@THE TRUE HONKLER explain yourself
I won't lie CelticTruecel and Satan seem like assholes so I don't blame you
Because I called you out on your ignorant comment about Irish history and didn't agree with your notion that the McCallister's in Home Alone were Anglo's. If that makes me an asshole then that is fine with me.

Anyway I won't be using this forum anymore as there are a number of users who I have no time for here.