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Proof That We Live in a Simulation.


Sep 9, 2023

This is lifefuel. Because if a libertarian can actually win an election, anything can happen.
Elaborate. Who is this nigga and why should I care.
Milei is the owner of five English Mastiffs, with the progenitor being Conan, who died in 2017 after suffering from spinal cancer.[48][273][274] He considers Conan his son and has named four of Conan's six clones, including one named after the original and another named Angelito,[282] Milton (in honor of Milton Friedman), Murray (in honor of Murray Rothbard), Robert, and Lucas (both named after Robert Lucas).[283][284] Milei said that he cloned Conan because he understands cloning as "a way of approaching eternity".[274] To do this, he went to a clinic in the United States; the process cost him about $50,000.[274] He has described his dogs as four-legged children and thanked them after his 2023 primary win.[17]
Milei stated that he communicates with the dogs through a mystic.[13] For example, he commented that the new Conan provides ideas on general strategy, Robert is the one who makes him "see the future and learn from mistakes", Milton is in charge of political analysis, and Murray of the economy.[285] When asked about this by El País journalist Martín Sivak and Nicolás Lucca of Radio Rivadavia, Milei did not deny it, and said: "What I do with my spiritual life and in my house is my business. If Conan advises me on politics, it means that he is the best consultant of humanity."[273]
Milei said he had dialogues with the likes of Rothbard and Ayn Rand. In 2015, he cited Conan as a source of inspiration for his writing.[273] About Conan's death in 2017, Milei said that Conan had not really died (he described it as "his physical disappearance" and continued to refer to Conan in the present tense) but had gone to sit next to God to protect him, and that it was thanks to this that he had begun to have talks with God himself.[286] According to González, Milei wrote to a friend in a chat: "I saw the resurrection of Christ three times, but I can't talk about it. They would say I'm crazy."[48] According to various sources consulted by La Nación, Milei maintains that he and Conan have a mission that was assigned to them by God and has a mystical story with Conan. He said that he met Conan, who was a lion, as a gladiator in the Roman Colosseum about 2,000 years earlier.[287]
So that's how he won.
can people stop talking about this nigga
i get it he won but he will just be another corrupt soylitician that won't change shit
So that's how he won.
can people stop talking about this nigga
i get it he won but he will just be another corrupt soylitician that won't change shit also I should kill myself

This is just context for the comments.

"Allow corporations to have free reign"
Literally not what anarcho-capitalism is but okay.

"abolishments of all systems of injustices and oppression."
First of all: "abolishment of all systems of injustice and oppression" is an omega pozzed sounding.
Second of all: Hmm, I wonder what he sees as "injustice" and "opression." Surely it's something sensible!(clueless)
"fails to acknowledge capitalism"
Every. Single. Time. Every plebbitor says that capitalism is some tool of oppression. When in reality it's not capitalism itself, but the state changing laws in order to abuse capitalism.
"with dreams of a cyberpunk dystopia."
Naaaahhhhhh(insert skull emoji here) lil bro thinks anarcho-capitalism=bladerunner(insert skull emoji here). In all seriousness, no. anarcho-capitalism does not equal corporatocracy.
"Although I don't think he's a true libertarian or Ancap as he still wants the government to want control over abortions by making them illegal"
Libertarian doesn't mean you can do whatever the fuck you want jfl. A limited government can still illegalize something like homosexual since or a abortion, and still stay a limited government. This is a cope you see commonly used by anarchists and left-wing libertarians. "NO YOU CAN'T STOP ME FROM INDULGING IN MY DISGUSTING AND DEPRAVED SEXUAL DESIRES!!! THAT'S NOT TRUE FREEDOM!!!!!"

"getting all of your advice from your dead dog's clones"
The cringe "neurotypical" vs the keyed schizophrenic
"Eliminate all environmental"

At least the guy below him knows that this pozzmaster(anarkiddie?) is a retard.

So what's the lesson to be learned here(and the lesson to be learned from the mistake made in my last post)? Well, that would be
1: Don't be pozzed.
2:Before talking about anarcho-capitalism, look up voluntaryism(@panchito88 @Weebhunter3000 I didn't know about this theory until recently, which better explains how an anarcho-capitalist society would function).
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