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POV you’re 5’2” so you take a mod position because you can’t impose authority irl

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I hope that site gets even gayer so it can scare people off to this site instead.
Glowies can infiltrate any site, post incriminating shit and get the whole thing taken down.
Then there's also the acquisition and leaking of user data, which should be a walk in the park for them in this case.
Make no mistake the surface web is completely under their control and chud boards are only tolerated as honeypots.
I think I’d be more concerned with troons trying to take down the site than for actual agents to care about some backwater site that doesn’t host extreme content. There are dozens of incel friendly websites that aren’t forums and the worst thing that happens is their growth stagnates.
"asexual" are even more cringeworthy then trannies.
There's also another user called gymletethnicel whose avatar is outright a tranny. He is not even trying to hide it.
Thinking of taking a break from the amount of people defending him is proof how low that site has sunken. I'm seriously pissed over that.
Will likely result in me receiving a warning while the fags roam free

Oops! We ran into some problems.​

The requested thread could not be found.
Minutes after I posted this screenshot IGiveUp deleted the thread

Igiveup being a useless mod at again




Same thing happened with @frightfulcel , just accuse someone of posting gay shit, and the mods will ban him or give him a warning, meawhile actual faggot are allow in that shithole as long their have a anime girl avatar and partake in their discord masturbation video calls.
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