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post your gameplay videos

Impressive. Sekiro was the shit back when I played it last year. Only couldn’t defeat the final Owl boss.
I'm completely dull when playing this game, doing these kind of challanges is the only way for me getting some dopamin. Default owl in ashina castle is easy, although his 2. phase with the acid attack sucks. Second encounter in hirata estate is easy af, one of the easiest bosses in the whole game. Best owl father version is the inner one presented in the gauntlets, becaus of the added moveset and the unpredictable mist raven makes the fight not boring. I would practice speedrunning bloodborne, but sold my ps4 last year, shit happens.
I like that game as well but the sub 30fps puts me off every time I try to replay it. It’s probably easy to speedrun it though since it’s so short.
Before selling it I had an full folder of savesgames for each segment and boss, ps5 doesn't support save scumming, a no-go for that premium price. It is really short and not that difficult, just need to get your consistency up, it is muscle memory at this point.
yes I do also create taiko maps, that (and basically all my taiko videos) are autoplay demonstrations of my custom contents, I would upload videos of me actually playing when I have time, currently playing Darkwood for the very first time now.
Do you accept taiko maps request?