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What is pleasure to one, is pain to another.
While we live
and slowly rot,
you and I
are all we have.
Time will pass,
our skin decays,
and in the end
we await our fate,
we are the dead,
the door is there,
but we dare
not open it.

There is nothing
more to do,
accept be here for
you and you for me.
That one day,
you will fade into dust
at least you won't die alone.

You have someone here,
who won't go,
who won't torment you,
who won't belittle you,
who won't see you go
without a goodbye.

So when it happens,
you'll be in my arms,
the last words you
will ever hear
"I need you,
you need me,
let's both eat peaches
and talk about how the
world could be
under the juniper tree."