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Pleasure and pain are two sides of the same coin


Sep 1, 2023
Do you really think that Chad or Brad, despite having seemingly ideal lives are truly satisfied and complete? No, they are not, there is still a hollow void in them which all the pleasure and fun times in the world can not fill. People who are perpetually drunk on happiness and joy are disconnected with themselves and reality. Same goes for being a depressed slob who is trapped in life and achieves shit outside of working & shitposting on the internet, we constantly feel sad & whine all day about how horrible and harsh life/society is while achieving shit. Detaching yourself from the clown world and its illusions from politics to ideologies is the first step to personal freedom and inner peace, once you have your desires and impulses in control then you have already evolved and ascended a level in the matrix. Chasing pleasure is the devil, achieving happiness is akin to achieving nothing as happiness and joy are illusions. I am not trying to be some philosopher here, but these ideas resonate the most with me and i'm sure it might with you.
Same energy as this

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It doesn't work unless you live like a monk in the mountains.
You can live like a monk in the midst of a warzone or city, homesteads are a meme and unnecessary imo. Simply being detached from the material world or attachments of any sort can be done while being amongst endless hustle and bustle, not rocket science.
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