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TV & Music Phillip Schofield (Discuss)

If you aren't aware, he was a TV presenter who admitted to having an affair with someone 30 YEARS his junior, and he stepped down from presenting this morning. Some people actually have sympathy for the groomer. I actually used to like him. I want to know your thoughts.
Never liked him. I avoided medical treatment just so I wouldn't have to listen to his gay ass show in the waiting room. I hate most British tv presenters such as Ant & Dec, Stephen Mulhern and Fred Talbot (weatherman). I said Fred Talbot's a pedo when I was a kid (under age 10) and I'm sure he was one. In fact after searching his name he has multiple allegations against him. My family would laugh and say you "Can't say that" but what can I say I sniffed out a nonce if only people listened.