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Ack, Ack, Ack, Ack !

Blackpill no
Here is your bluepill for your day
Blacked yes
What's a real man
Neeting in his sheets
Is it good for him
Hiding from the dogpill
Women are the cog
If she was your girlfriend would you leash her
Do you mog him?

Blackpill yes

Are you on the list, have you logged on
Did you wage for that 10K?
Can you sleep on nights?
Can you rest content
Did you conjure it up or did you fly with Top G?

Every day a jew will try to turn you gay
A needle slides and shocks, and pierces through you and your strain of sanity
The buzzing ect pills and goyslop is gone, and now you're at a loss without a vice in post
Find a home to cope
IGiveUp (SheGivesHead)
Find your God and serve your boss

I turned 2o years old
10 years to go
I gotta find a God before my ass is old
I have a 27 club membership and the deadline is written on the side

2030, my insomnia plight
Die with a girl with a heart of gold
To get me through the afterlife
And my manifesto tatted on her behind