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Once this forum grows I want to do Discord/Twitch raids

> discord

Tbh, it would be funny if we could pull some good prank like this ones bellow, and perhaps it could boost the site popularity.

The problem its if people start to report us in order to the host drop us.
Jfl what happened to the issue of people reporting the site
I mean, if its a raid where we dont spam them gore and shit, and just piss them off. Dont know like, raidforums only got in legal problem when the owner start to sell hacking tools and fake credit card, but when he was only raiding with his friends no one cared.
we can start doing it right now though, it'd be small pretty pathetic raids but if we record it and make some raideralds people will be more encouraged to participate in them until we get a big army and gemmy reactions
I got my hands full on the Minecraft tranny hunting but I could try to get something going after it’s done.