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Not a cuck story


Frightful but also quite delightful

Fuck, I didn't get banned by not Haruhi from, lets see what else is on


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this is terrible! How will the neet economy work without cuck stories?


There must be loopholes one can exploit, trickery, deceit!!! that is the true nature of a frightfulcel! I shall get to work crafting my descent.... Such.... Trinkets can be found.


I have the solution! I shall not write a cuck story rather something that isn't a cuck story but can be imagined to be one! That shall get me past the laws of this land!


Its time to get writing!


It was a dark night, by many accounts. Not Haruhi was sitting on a chair. His mom was there peeling potatoes. She said "It is time now, you need this". Not Haruhi gulped, he knew what was next. The door opened as a black guy strolled in and didn't unzip his pants because thats gay and against the rules (this isn't a cuck story). Not Haruhi gasped and tried to run away but it tripped. The black guy then didn't grab Haruhi and its mom didn't lube up its anus. Suddenly the black guy didn't insert his weiner into Not Haruhis anus because why would anyone do that. Not Haruhi didn't try to get away as the black guy didn't thrust his weiner inside him. Not Haruhi didn't start crying, his anus wasn't sore. The black guy then didn't fuck Haruhis mom. Not Haruhi then didn't lick the semen out of his moms vagina because nothing sexual occurred that day. Not Haruhi didn't turn into a cumslut. This character has nothing to do with Haruhi because he is called "not Haruhi".

Then everyone sat down and had fun, because nothing in this story happened. I am just stating what didn't happen.

The end.