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Caged Non whites should be exterminated (in video game)


leechmaxxed kikecel
This is not bait I fucking hate non white even the foids should all just be rounded up and exterminated and their countries nuked to Stone Age incels need to form Waffen SS squads to deal with the growing non white threats (IN VIDEO GAME) and of course as long as Jews can us continue to do our ((((finance)))) in peace i appear white anyway to random people also the Stacie’s of each non white race can be kept as sex slaves but sterilized to keep the genetics from changing. I’m not even attracted to most non white holes I only like white passing holes anyway
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i don't "hate" crackers and dogfuckers, just like i don't "hate" cockroaches, rodents and other pests, "hate" doesn't make any sense in such context
but i really want to get them completely exterminated from the face of this earth (in gta5 of course),
that's the only way to save the humanity from going extinct
both the loosest and tightest hookers ive had were noodle whores
when I went to disgusting gook hooker because I was extremely desperate and the Slav blonde I scheduled was busy. I wore a condom fucking that disgusting gook even though she said I don’t if I don’t want she was so loose dumb bitch didn’t speak word of English I had to force myself to cum didn’t even enjoy it and I still fucking got the flu from that whore I was sick for weeks having to go to (((((doctors))))) and I tested positive for flu and strep throat thank god no STD though