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My sexual dream I had 2 nights ago


Jun 12, 2023
I am not a dream journal fag but this dream was so wild and profound, and vivid, I remember every detail I want to record it because it is so fascinating.

I don't remember exactly how this dream started, but I assume it was just every day incel life shit.

What I do remember tho is walking around the streets with my father as we usually do, and then we enter this pub.

(walking around the streets and entering pubs is something that happened alot when I was a child with my father)

Then this normal older lady with grAY hair, who is a wagie at the pub, takes us to the bathroom stalls to show us a secret; the old woman resembles one of my old jobcentre coaches.

There is a dial on the toilet, (like something for a safe or a locker) and puts in the numbers 18 12 30 (something like that)

After the combination is entered, she pushes the toilet into the wall, and reveals a crawlspace, which we all enter through.

As we walk through the corridors as the crawl space is now taller, she starts alluding about the secrecy and seriousness of what we are walking into, but we continue anyway unsure of what potential danger we are walking towards.

As we walk along the corridor, I see loads of candy and sweets alongside the wall as we enter the main hub of this place; it was like a dream come true.

The building we were in tho wasn't spectacular or anything; it had the same interior as the jobcentre offices have, or perhaps a school, office, estate agents, government building etc. although it was slightly run down and unkempt (something very common amongst the shithole buildings of wales).

I then notice groups of young, pretty, fit, (all blonde with red lips) females, (youngest being around 10) , walking around with joy and happiness on their faces, and as I look up the wooden stairs with wooden railing, I notice a woman dressed in typical indian style clothing with bright colours and opulence; the whole place was bustling with activity.

All these girls had confidence above their apparent age, and looked as if they have lived many years older than their own, without aging a day

I am then seated in chair with office like tables in a something that resembled a class room, with candy on the tables.

This part was like my induction to this new place, and I felt out of place, like I was the new kid in school.

I saw the confidence of the peers around me, who were mostly young females, some dressed in carnival attire; the building also a slight haze of darkness, like a dim movie theatre

The woman who led us to this place told me not to be nervous and just do xyz (I don't remember what she said exactly, just formal bullshit I guess, advice to fit in and not fuck up the rules) (my father is also still present, but plays no part in this story for now)

A little nervous but willing, I believe I signed some bullshit, and while I didn't know what this place was, I inferred in my mind its sexual and liberating nature; the thought of belonging to a group hidden from soyciety enthralled me, and I also got the strong impression this place accepted everyone, and had Zero judgment.

The daily happenings of the place commence as they usually do, as I loiter around and observe, but as I do so, my father makes way for the exit door (or what at least appears to be)

I get the impression he is bored and uninterested, as he tells me that if I spend time here, I will spend less time with him (my father likes and appreciates my time a lot, so me being here upsets him)

I explain that I will just spend one day in this place and then leave, and then my father leaves as he walks up a staircase into darkness, and I stay below in this place.

I walk around, with loads smiles sent my way and a feeling of liberty and freedom; the people here seemed to only care about hedonism and serving other people pleasure, while they do pleasure themselves too in hedonism.

I witness ''young'' male teenagers brawling on the floor, although one had a strong beard for his age; he drew his thumbs through the eyes of the person he was wresting while the small mob watching this cheered and shit; I smiled with satisfaction the same way a person in a movie threate does when watching a movie, although I went about this in an introverted way (leave the yelling and shit to normfags, I just smiled), the boy who had thumbs through his eyes wasn't in pain or discomfort tho, it was like this was all apart of the way things were supposed to be, and everyone just accepted and found comfort in it.

I then leave not thinking much of it, but as I walk the streets, I recall I forgot my laptop and other possessions in the building, and filled with determination and eagerness to get them back, I head to the toilet and took a few attempts to get the number combination correct, feeling stupid that I was so careless to remember the code.

I notice the building as more rooms to offer than what is publicly accessible.

This secret group was operating behind the doors that say ''out of order'', or have being blocked of due to ''maintenance'', or perhaps you would assume the locked doors are janitor closests, locked offices, etc

Whatever it maybe, secret groups gather behind such places

There were no rules in this place, and the people in there didn't care, but they were also the same goys and normies you see irl, the same npcs who call you a racist, suck up to their boss, and remain polite and normal, but this in this place, they were truly free, but they were serious about keeping all this a secret; they didn't want their reputation in normal society ruined.

Even if the people in the secret club knew each other and got on as equals, on the ouside, in soyciety, they were each other's boss and employee, police officer and criminal, stacy and incel, and operated in accordance to those things

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