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Caged My revenge


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This happened in 2019

I'll tell you guys the story of when I decide to take revenge on a girl who played with my feelings.

I met her at my internship, this little bitch always kept calling me to help her with something, always chatted with me and then after some days, she start to touch me more than usual.

Well, after a while I decided to tell her that I liked her… Bad Mistake! When I found the courage to tell her that I liked her, she drops the bomb that she was going out with some guy for 2 months. Keep in mind that I met her in April and I said that I like her in May, and in this mean time, she said that she was single.

After that, the little bitch started to avoid me, when I tried to talk to her, she only responded with: “ok, hum-hum, yeah”… practically she was shooing me

At first, I got very sad about all this, but then my sadness become anger... I wanted revenge!

I started to stalk her in various social media in order to collect photos of her, then I created a fake account of her in a dating site, and then I started to talk with several men… old men, fat men, ugly men… basically incels. After a little conversation with them, I gave them her phone number (I knew her phone number, because the people in my internship had a group on whatssap). After a few hours, I saw that she was complaining in both her instagram and our whatssap group, that she was hacked and that there are a lot of strange men texting her.

Not satisfied, I created another fake account of her, but this time it was on a different site, more oriented to casual sex. Well, I did the same thing, only talking to not very attractive men, but this time I wanted to cause more damage. I spoke to them that I was into exhibitionism and voyeurism, and then I asked them if they agree in a deal. When they asked what was the deal, I would said the following: “I will send my number… your first message to me will be a picture of your dick, and then I will send my nude… We gonna exchanging nudes and talking dirty to with each other… and that maybe after a while ... maybe we could meet

Believe it or not, it worked! She said in our group that there were guys sending her dick pics. I was laughing non-stop. My plan was a success!

However she discovered one of the fakes accounts, probably one of the guys told her that someone was impersonating her. I deleted both accounts just in case, since she said that she was going to the police station next day.

Fun fact: It took her all day to realize it that she wasn’t hacked, just had her personal information exposed.
This thread got featured on inceltears and I got some funny replies. Lets see some of them:


No shit that cops dont bother to investigate that. Its was just a little trolling.


This word dont exist



Should I dm her ex for her intimate pics?
This thread got featured on inceltears and I got some funny replies. Lets see some of them:

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No shit that cops dont bother to investigate that. Its was just a little trolling.

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This word dont exist

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Should I dm her ex for her intimate pics?
Foids get swept off their feet by serial killers and dogs but when a sub 8 male decides to have a little bit of personal fun they essentially demand a public lynching. Do none of these cunts know what a "block" button is?
Should I dm her ex for her intimate pics?
YES it would be soooo kino and gemmy and we can put a watermark of the site and post it on the 'net
why do normoids ACTUALLY think this faggot bullshit made by kikes actually matters and needs to be stopped, cyberbullying is just trannies complaining on how they are at the border of the rope because they were told twnbrw and they are too weak and goyslop-addicted to go confront them or turn their pcs off and go outside
There is no medical reason to amputate the frenulum. It's often done because surgeons are sadists. The frenulum is often the only remaining erogenous part after circumcision. Keep in mind that circumcision was designed to diminish and control male sexuality.
iq is useless
People with higher education (bachelor, masters etc) had significantly higher levels of divorce than people with only a high school diploma or less

They were also less likely to be single (although not by much) and the number of married people was the same or slightly less than the normal group

IQ is correlated with getting divorce raped and fucked over by dark triad foids, so this pretty much equalizes the whole "higher IQ people earn more" - yes, but they also lose more in the long run

I think IQ is useful if:

-you're an incel shekelmaxxing in a foreign country for a few years to then come home and live like a king for a long while (imagine working 2 years as a programmer and then spending 6 years in Bulgaria escortcelling, taking drugs till you pass out etc)
-you're born in a wealthy family w decent connections and you maximize all aspects of your life (this means higher IQ people have to spend less time learning or getting skilled in their area of choice and they get to enjoy their existence more)
-you're a dark triad manchild looking for others to do your work/straight up steal their work within your field and not have them find out about you being an useless burden