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My mother still believes I will find a 'soulmate' girlfriend

I swear parents suffer from some sort of retardation, haven't ever heard of a parent that is actually smart and knows what the fuck is going on.

Mine still think all I gotta do is go out and talk to people, I'll find a girl in no time! The retards have no idea I've sworn off marriage and having children. I do still want a girlfriend but just so I can enjoy her body and affection for a few months, not interested in more than that. But I won't find a girl in this country, too many things going against me here. Gotta move out. But I'm too lazy and chronically depressed to move to another country. Especially since the only reason would be pussy I mean what else, idc about anything.

Yeah whatever wish I could just sleep more so I could think less, fuck this life.
I do still want a girlfriend but just so I can enjoy her body and affection for a few months, not interested in more than that.
this is it, yeah. That's as much as you can get, the best part of relationships. Gets worse after that, you have to marry the bitch and begin to wageslave for her and your children while growing tired of her at the same time. Idk how else can it be, unless there is some insane chemistry between you and the woman and she doesn't mind not having children. But what the fuck, where do I find this? Impossible
You're talking to a brickwall if you ever divulge this topic with parents, don't even bother. They come from an era where women didn't have access to little devices in their pockets which give them constant validation and better option guys a town over. They had to settle for people like Beta Bill back then and nowadays since they can shoot for better due to the great eugenics projects known as Tinder and Instagram they are obviously gonna do that and frankly I don't blame them as if I was a woman I'd do the same, it's a big game of reproduction ultimately so of course you're gonna shoot for the best guy no matter what and these apps make it so easy.

Don't let it get to you, sooner you realise they live on a different plain of existence to you and can't comprehend your experiences and what you face on the daily the better you'll be clarity wise.
My parents never even cared for a second

My mother is/was a neglectful crazy hoe who didn't bother with me and my father is/was a manchild raving alcoholic