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My interpretation of American Psycho (the book, not movie)

The book is written from the POV of an unreliable narrator who keeps contradicting himself, or mixing up details of basic things.

My interpretation is that the narrator (Patrick Bateman) is a wealthy, high flying yuppie who earns a shit tone of money by working at wall street after attending prestigious education establishments, like Yale, but as repressed masculinity and fustration in his vain soyciety.

The story describes a decadent and degenerate New York, and Patrick is apart of that even tho he is in a nice apartment and office with nice clothes; he disgusted by the degeneracy around him, like travis in taxi driver

He fits in his environment with other vain and shallow yuppies, but by doing so he has a lot of built up frustration and resentment and takes it out by imagining and writting about killing other people; I don't think he actually kills anyone, and he has no real deep connections or relationships with anyone, just acquaintances who just try to one up each other

He is atomized in his environment with materialistic, fake, virtue signalling, unsympathetic people around him, and his whole life is a constant mog battle over minor and dumb shit (like the business cards from the famous scene in the movie)

All this drives him to fantasizing about killing others and going er, to channel his repressed masculinity.

He also talks about sexual experiences he had, but to me they come off as larps/ fantasies.

The whole tale is wrapped in nihilism and lack of social morals

tldr its like ER's journal
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