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Nature Always Finds A Way
I'm a young adult, quick and eager to learn, literate with computer software such as Microsoft Office and Microsoft Excel, and can write formal letters.

I am willing to work overtime from home using whatever CMMS software that the company uses, and would be willing to work two weeks, for free.

Key Skills

Computer literacy

I am competent/learning other CMMS software such as Fiix and Limble, and I am willing to quickly adapt to whatever software I am required to use.

I can organize data effectively, assign all work orders and PM’s and standardize different elementswith automation in regards to receiving notifications, maintenance and things that need to happen periodically.

Training and development

Fast learner and competent.

Typing speed 43 wpm

Slightly faster than average typing speed.

Document filing and computer file management

Good and fast organising capabilities.

Decision making

Can quickly and confidently make important decisions.

Professional and Academic Qualifications

St John Lloyd Catholic Comprehensive School Aug 2014 - Jun 2019

Science B Welsh Second Language Narrative and Descriptive C Mathematics C RS A D & T (Product Design) B English C

Coleg Sir Gar Aug 2019 - Mar 2020 Rsl level 2 Diploma for Music Practitioners (Technology)

Credit Points : 80/80 Merit

Hobbies and interests

Gym, health, fasting, yoga 2/2