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Ropefuel Mentalcel Moments Thread


ehrenarier bbc mentalcel
Jul 3, 2023
post mentalcel moments youve had long time ago but still haunt you today because they remind you that it never began for you once you stopped legally being a minor, i start with this one i just remembered
>in class
>bitch infront of me asks me for 1 euro
>i say why and dont hear why did she want one well but still gave it to her
>didnt even say to her to return me an euro back because it was just one single euro and i didnt want to act like an avaricious kike
>bitch returns the euro and says she was joking
>the girl next to me and the cousin of the girl which was just right next to her just are silent but i know theyre smiling trying to take in the laughter

so she just asked for an euro and i gave it to her and then i got technically humilliated right there
if it was more than 1 euro i would have told bitch to return them by tmr, got embarassed and cucked right there just because i did what i could do to help, fucking foids need to get the rape treatment
The handful of times a foid has spoke to me in a tone that doesn't suggest complete disgust or repulsion, i immediately assumed they were just asking for favors from me and i was right literally every single time
Dropping out of High School was a bad idea in hindsight. I should’ve finished it but I couldn’t handle the degeneracy I witnessed everyday. So I retired and opened up to help pass by my elder years.
Giga cuck giving hole $ just kys I would legit tell her to fuck off and if it was nobody here I would demand blow job for $
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