Lack of purely social distinction between cucks and regular men


I am using "cuck" to mean "that guy who got cucked" not "that guy who likes getting cucked". I am using regular man to mean a guy who has to play the game- has to find a woman under current circumstances. I am not saying social context doesn't matter, it definitely does- but if we want to use objective biological reasoning to judge cuckoldry, we can't rely on inter-generationally mistranslated/degraded institutions and archetypes.

If a woman is with a man and then goes to be with a different guy, that is a bad thing for the man because he lost his access to reproduction/pussy/status. If the woman actually breaks up with the guy directly before or after screwing another guy, the social distinction may be different "woah, she cucked him! she cheated on him!" vs "whelp, he lost her" but the actual biological acts could all be the same. You could imagine the same thing with a guy who takes her back, or forgives her for cheating. It is the same schedule of reproductive pantomimes, whether she followed the standard social procedure to remain the heckin' goodgirl or not.

Now imagine a few deviations on this formula. A guy has two wives, and one them cucks him in either of the prior sequences. Regardless of the social legitimacy, one of his chosen women screwed another guy and he could not stop it. Now imagine he is a guy who has 30 wives, and all of them cuck him. Regardless of social respect or status, he does not have a woman who belongs to him alone, and he never actually had one in the first place.

The only distinction between a "player" who has lots of sex with loose women and the comically-cuckolded polygamist is that the player does not pretend to own the women through marriage (though obviously he may pretend in ways less likely to be legally binding) This is not praise of either of these types of person.

It is biological truth that if you go the regular normie path where you have sex on the second date but can't keep the woman long term, you are being functionally cucked. Pretending not to care doesn't change the underlying physical reality of what is happening.
Ugh I must have been retarded when I wrote the title. I am talking about the distinction being purely social/cultural.
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