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Kikes,Spears, and Queers Theory.

Lord Fingus

•CERTIFIED• Holocaust Denier
Oct 19, 2023
I think, that just maybe, Since Blacks in the majority have a Lower IQ and are very violent, and Jews have quite high IQ's on average that the blacks are actually being manipulated by kikes to think they are oppressed, and inturn fund orginazation such as BLM, where most of the proceeds dont even help the black community, and kills small shops (End Possible Compitition For The Kikes). Also, maybe Leftist arent (Completely) a lost cause. maybe they fight for small problems because we currently dont have any major and seen in the common media conflicts in america ourselves (Which amercia is the main place for this degeneracy). what are yalls opinions on this theory?
kikes fund blm to demoralize and submit ytbois to eternal shame against themselves, before georgie got ACKed by the police white pride was still quite popular in the US, although not socially accepted as white supremacism has been since hitler lost, after blm and the massive WYPIPO BE RAYCIS narrative getting forced hard during BLM's first attacks white pride got even fringier and unpopular than it already was
Blacks just like most non white races are useful idiots to buy our latest shit or create chaos when needed. Most of you gentiles are so easily manipulated by our ((((media))) anyway.
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