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kidcel to adultcel


Jun 12, 2023
As a kid, even if it sucked and you saw the other kids have friends, acceptance and gfs, you still had the future to look forward.

''when I am 13 I will have a gf and do edgy teenager shit bro''

''when I am 18 I will go to college and have my shot there bro''

''when I get a job my time will come then bro''

''when I am 30 I will peak bro''

''I am 21 now, still a virgin, but if I keep grinding and hustling, god will give me a gf bro''

JFL when I was growing up, the future was filled with hope and a chance, I thought I would wear a suit, drive a car, go to work and do ''adult'' shit.

Now I am 20, still neet, failed college, no friends, no gf, and tbh, thank god.

I hate goy normies and want to be left alone, it is the best life for me, realistically and practically speaking.

Of course I wanna be someone else but I must cope with what I have.

As a kid, being an adult had a magical aura and mystic to it, now I am 20 tho, I must cope with the reality that my life will be like this until I die
You said you were as old as Kevin Joesphine.
''honkler said he was the same age as kevin the green fox man''

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