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Caged Just Got Banned on ACK!


Former Coalmining Concept Account
Predictably, for responding to a shitcuck monkey gossiping about users whom he thought were banned (myself included) in a private thread. I don't know if it was GayDeviantCel or one of his prison punk so-called "Nazi" mods running one more in an endless series of favors for his simian cellmates.

Also, I am not actually a BASED monkeycel. My first posts were made as a "concept account" that many seem to have taken seriously. Are ookniks really so over-the-top cretinous that they are impossible to parody?
Isn't the admin a brown ethnic?

He's a Bra-zoo-lian faveloid who like many of his kind insincerely takes up 2018 meme-NatSoc talking points because it looks cool and "that's what basedpillers do", but who always shows the cards in his paw by the favors he renders to his pan-Pan coalition of subhumans.

About half of the mod team are similarly constituted, but are actually "proud" Whites of the lowest-tier village idiot cast like Slapfight and FemmeGroidDYEL. Not a word in protest from these tail-tucking prison punk cretins when shitskins mouth off under their watch against the race of which they claim to be so proud, but they're always around to clutch their pearls when anyone with a spine is actually around to counter it and perform their derelicted jobs for them.

The girl's club over there has been sobbing a lot lately about "bullies" and it seems like the punk squad is especially trigger happy on this count of late. Good time to get banned if anyone still has a burner account over there.